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Nintendo DSI Camera Troubleshooting

Many times, problems with the Nintendo DSI camera have to do with user related problems. Some basic measures below can help you use the DSI camera successfully without problems. However, there are rare occurrences where there are more severe hardware issues that can only be repaired by a Nintendo authorized repair shop.

Issues You Can Fix at Home

1. Before anything else, make sure that your DSI is fully charged or plugged in with an AC adapter.

2. Make sure you are using a proper memory card, specifically an SD card.

3. Verify that you have enough space on your SD card. If it runs out of memory, you will not be able to take any more pictures. Delete any unnecessary or unwanted photos first.

4. Make sure you have enough internal memory on your DSI (memory blocks) to save your pictures.

5. If pictures do not show up on your DSI camera, make sure they were not altered somehow on a PC or Mac computer. If you renamed the files on a computer, they will not be recognized by your DSI.

6. Make sure that the picture was taken with your DSI. Pictures taken by cellphones, other digital cameras, etc., will not display.

7. If you try to share photos with another DSI and are unable to complete the process because of a connection problem, make sure that the two DSI units are within range of each other and are not being interfered with by other wireless devices or electronic equipment.

8. If you are receiving an error message that says "Face Not Recognized," you need to make sure of several things. Remove glasses from the person's face. Always take a frontal view of the person's face, and make sure the person's face is not tilted. Check that the person's face is not obstructed by anything such as bangs or accessories. Verify that the person's entire face is included in the shot.

9. If the camera takes pictures, but the photos have missing pixels, the camera lens may be dirty. With a little water, dampen a soft cloth and wipe the lens. Use a dry cloth to pat dry. Never use solvents such as alcohol and household cleaners to clean the DSI lens.

Issues You Need a Pro to Fix

1. If you have tried all the steps above, and you try to take a new photo with your DSI and it won't display, you will need to have your DSI unit repaired professionally.

2. Visual disturbances in your photos, such as abnormal colors in the display, are a sign that your camera hardware is malfunctioning.

2. If your DSI functions well except when you press the camera button and a message appears every time that tells you to turn off the DSI and consult the troubleshooting section of the manual, chances are your camera is broken and will need to be replaced. This particular problem seems to be a quite frequent problem for DSI owners, whether the camera is in warranty or has expired.

4. If you know that the DSI has been dropped on a hard surface or submerged in water, and none of these ideas seem to help, your DSI needs professional repair. The DSI is a fragile device, and physical abuse can easily damage the camera.